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  1. We are in the field of Human Resource Development established since 1995, operating effectively in India and Overseas.
  2. We strive to be the best service provider across search, business consulting and understanding of client needs so as to exceed customer expectations and make them business partners for life.
  3. Our dedication, commitment and specialized efforts in recommending candidates to opportunities have been recognized through our high levels of repeat business: clients come back to us again and again.
  4. More details of why the clients feel that we are part of them become clear from the way we work with them, which they realize the very first time they give us the opportunity to be of use to them.
  5. We work better for clients who are fast in their decision making and give clear cut answers.
    We prefer clarity and honest answers irrespective of how hard they may be to swallow.
  6. We don't ever simply say "we will get back to you" and then forget about the matter you will not find us lacking in our efforts to work to your satisfaction.
  7. Unlike bigger names in the business we don't care to ask for retainers or exclusivity, we believe that
    competition brings out the best in people and we only ask for our payouts after the client's purposes
    are met.
  8. MOST MODERN IT-INTEGRETED RICH DATABANK AND SPEEDY EXECUTION ARE HALLMARK OF OUR SERVICES. It is our sincere endeavour to source Best-in-Class of highlight for our valued patrons.
  9. With our own screening and matching processes that are tuned to the needs of each client, we
    provide a very high 'selection-to-see', S-S ratio !
  10. We can succeed in identifying and presenting outstanding talent to our clients only because every single employee of this firm is the best in the business. As an organisation we will consciously and consistently endeavour to attract, retain and develop the best in our business and ensure that this translates into the highest standards of service to our clients.

    Best candidates will be yours, if you just fill the requisition form....

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