only Stop Search gives you the apportunity to choose an employee rather than to find one.


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  • Recruitment and Selection:
    We maintain a large data bank exclusively arranged industry/sector wise, location wise. Our team short-lists the interested Candidates/Professionals who would in turn appear before you for an approval, to work in your esteemed organisation.

  • HR Department Outsourcing:
    We will be your HR Department, representing your company and reducing more than 50% of the cost. Please contact us for more information.

  • Contract Employment:
    We arrange Office Staffs, Engineers, Officers, Managers, and Trainers on contract basis on our rolls. Please contact us for further details.

  • Corporate Training:
    We organise and arrange Corporate Training suiting to the size, expertise, budget, and skills of your requirements. Trainers are experts in the particular industry. Please contact our office for further details.

  • Advertising on behalf of your company:
    We give this service to our esteemed clients. We prepare artwork, choose a relevant media tailor made for your corporate needs within your budget.

  • Arranging interviews on your behalf:
    We have centraly, conveniently located and accessible to candidates by rail/bus/air etc. We conduct written test/Pre placement talks/Preliminary screening etc for the final selection.

  • 3rd eye Evaluation
    In the open market of job placements there are every possibilities of wrong employee being employed in your organisation. It may cost dearly and continously over a long period. In such cases prudent employer hires our special evaluation of employee's credentials since from his school qualifications, experience, personal background, references and mainly you can advice us the special search whatever you insist about your existing / new employee. please contact us for further details.

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